Blesso Whitening Facial 5Jars

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1,200.00 1,100.00

A facial is a family of skincare treatments for the face, including steam, exfoliation, extraction, creams, lotions, facial masks, peels, and massage. They are normally performed in beauty salons but are also a common spa treatment. They are used for general skin health as well as for specific skin conditions.
What’s in the Box ?

  • 1 Jar Blesso Whitening Mudd Mask
  • 1 Jar Blesso Tea Tree Massage Creme
  • 1 Jar Blesso Whitening Cleanser
  • 1 Jar Blesso Whitening Skin Polish
  • 1 Jar Blesso Whitening Scrub
Blesso Whitening Facial 5Jars

1,200.00 1,100.00

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